Interviews & Readings


HEIDI PICK SIX: A 2011 interview with Heidi Ruby Miller

E-SPEC BOOKS: A 2015 interview with E-Spec Books

POSEIDON’S SCRIBE: A 2015 interview with author and editor Steven Southard

WOLF NOTES: A 2018 interview with author AL Kaplan

AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT: A 2019 interview with author Morgan Hazelwood

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: A 2019 interview with Paul Semel

HOWELL’S HOWLS: A 2019 interview with Rob Howell

EATING AUTHORS: A 2020 interview with Lawrence Shoen

FAMILY OF GAMERS INTERVIEW: A 2020 interview with Brandon Rospond about my novel THE LAST HURRAH

BONDING WITH BOARDGAMES: A 2020 interview with Bart, aka “The Chief,” about my time as editor, writer, and designer at The Avalon Hill Game Company.

BAEN BOOKS PODCAST: A 2021 interview with Charles E Gannon about our novel 1636: CALABAR’S WAR

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: A 2022 interview with Paul Semel

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: “1637: The Transylvanian Decision” Co-Author Robert E. Waters

BFRH Robert E. Waters on 1637: The Transylvanian Decision


“Child of the Water” (2020)

“Giraffe Children” (2020)

“A Bluebird from Aspen” (2021)

“The Masks of Mirada” (2021)

“Eyes of the Wolf” (2022)