Coming Soon

THE FINAL RUSH is book #2 in my DreadBall series set in Mantic Games Warpath universe. Having won the Third Sphere tournament in The Last Hurrah (Book #1), Coach Leeland Roth and his human Corporate team, The Vitala Vipers, are off to begin their professional careers in the First Sphere Intergalactic DreadBall League (FSIDL). But nothing ever goes easy or smooth for the Vipers. Coach Roth’s past comes back to haunt him as the team struggles to find itself (and victories) in a league full of highly skilled and trained DreadBall players willing to put some Vipers in the grave. And when defensive coach Carla “Bullseye” Bock’s past comes back to haunt her, their situation becomes even more hazardous.

The novel has been delivered to the publisher; release date pending.

“The Dolingen Gamble” is a short story set in Patrick Thomas’ relatively new Agents of the Abyss universe, where the creatures of legend (Dracula, Frankenstein, Baba Yaga, etc.) are real and live among us. They not only live among us, but they also affect our culture and our history. In this story, main character Lady Dolingen, one of Dracula’s former wives, works for Joseph Stalin and is ordered to infiltrate Bran Castle to find and rescue the Greek Goddess Circe. I’ll say nothing more, other than this one is a fun, fun ride. Publication date pending.

“Mendie and the Boudicea of the Wasteland” is a short story set in the Mendie—the Post-Apocalyptic Flower Scout universe. A description of Mendie is as follows…

“She was a Flower Scout at the age of 10 when the Apocalypse hit. She lost everything including her parents and younger brother. She is now 20 and has survived because of following (her distorted view of) the Flower Scout code. The basic rules are to be a good person and be nice to each other. However, if someone is not being very nice, or she witnesses an injustice, she is more than willing to solve the problem with guns, knives, and rocket launchers.”

In my story, Mendie must deal with a woman who has begun a populist revolt in the wasteland outside the city of Yerk. Publication date pending.

“One for Sorrow” is a short story set in the very popular War World universe. Publication date pending.