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THE SWORDS OF EL CID is the second novel in my Starybogow (City of the Gods) trilogy, to be published by Winged Hussar Publishing in 2020.
Hot off their successes in THE CROSS OF SAINT BONIFACE (see Novels page), Catherine of Aragon and Fymurip Azat venture into Spain, where the fabled swords of El Cid, Colada and Tizona, await. The Hanseatic League has hired Catherine to find these swords and bring them back to Germany, where they can be protected against the evil influences of the Eldar Gods. But the gods always seem one step ahead of our intrepid adventurers, and so their journey is fraught with dangers seemingly insurmountable, and Catherine’s loyalty to the League, to her country, and to her parents (Ferdinand and Isabella), will be tested at every turn. And let’s throw in dragons, biting Cherubims, stone bulls, and the Spanish Inquisition for good measure.

THE LAST HURRAH is a novel set in Mantic Games Warpath universe. It is based on their far future football-style sports event boardgame, Dreadball.
Ex Corporation Striker Leeland Weiss teeters on the horns of a dilemma: return to the sport that once defined his life, or continue to drown his sorrows in booze, babes, and back alleys.

The choice is not as simple as it may seem, for Weiss cannot shake the crippling guilt that plagues him day after day. But a new opportunity has arisen, and the lure of the spotlight, the drama, the fans, and the money, may bring him out of the shadows.

Weiss must now cobble together a team of nobodies and coach them to glory in a 32-team tournament that promises big rewards for the winner. Along the way, he will face a battalion of dangers: death, injury, Digby corruption, corporate greed, familial hatreds, bribery, rebellion, and even the limitations of his own abilities as a coach.

Can this former Dreadball star rise to the occasion, or will this be his last hurrah?
The book is finished and have been delivered to Winged Hussar Publishing. It is scheduled for publication in 2021.

1636: CALABAR’S WAR, co-authored with best-selling author Charles E Gannon for Baen Books, set in Eric Flint’s 1632/Ring of Fire alternative history universe. This novel is set in the New World, and deals with the politics between the Dutch and the Portuguese in Brazil, and the politics of the Dutch and the Spanish in the Caribbean. It also deals with the terrible reality of slavery, as our protagonist, Domingos Fernandes Calabar, a so-called Mameluco (half Brazilian, half Portuguese), turns coat against the Portuguese to support the Dutch instead. We follow his journey through the deadly path of high politics as he tries to find a place for himself in a “white man’s” world.
The book is finished and has been delivered to Baen Books. It is scheduled for publication in 2021.

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