May 8 2013

Fantastic Futures 13 Available on Amazon


My anthology, Fantastic Futures 13, co-edited with James R Stratton, is now available on Amazon…

Buy often, buy early. Great stories by great authors.

Apr 18 2013

Updates to the Website

Hello all:

The Bibliography page has been updated to include my latest stories. In addition, a new page (Editing) has been added to show-case my new anthology project, co-edited with James Stratton. More information about Fantastic Futures 13 will be made available on this page as we get close to the release date.

Feb 14 2013

Two New Stories Available Soon

Hello all.

Two new stories will be out soon. The first, a collaboration with Meriah Crawford, is titled “The Persistence of Dreams” and will appear in The Grantville Gazette, Volume 46.

The other will appear in Hellfire Lounge 4: Reflections of Evil, and will be titled “Red Moon Reflected.” This one is my first werewolf story, and features my assassin, Nalo Thoran.

Dec 18 2012

Fantastic Futures 13 – Coming Soon

Hello all:

I’m very happy to announce that me and fellow author Jim Reichert (aka James R Stratton) will be co-editing an anthology for Padwolf Publishing. Scheduled for release in 2013, the title of it will be FANTASTIC FUTURES 13. It will be the third installment in Padwolf’s new anthology series, which includes Apocalypse 13 and Mermaids 13. FF13 will feature great sf, horror, and fantasy stories from a list of… terrific authors…

“Forever and a Day” by Danielle Ackley-McPhail
“I Am the Last” by James Chambers 
“No Time At All” by John L French
“A Little Joke” by CJ Henderson and Kevin DiVico
“The Man in the Woods” by Stuart Jaffe
“The Long Night” by Edward J McFadden III
“Goodbye Grey Sky, Hello Blue” by KT Pinto
“Three Days in Philopolis” by Paul Popiel
“Pilgrim” by Bud Sparhawk
“A Wave then Goodbye” by Patrick Thomas
“Goldfeather and the Glass Princess” by Robert E Waters and James R Stratton
“Free Thinker” by Clint Lee “CL” Werner
“A Talent Beyond My Talents” by Jeff Young 

Jim and I are very excited about this project. We’re delighted to be a part of a good anthology series and a good publisher.

Thanks and I will continue to post updates about this project as we go forward.

Dec 7 2012

New Stories

Hello all:

It’s been a  little while since I’ve updated my bibliography page. That’s due to a problem I’m having with the format of that page: difficulties with getting the chart to work properly. Oh well, that’s how it goes sometimes. I’ll figure it out eventually, but in the meantime, I wanted to list the stories that I have had published so far this year, so as to catch everyone up on where it all stands.

Since January of 2012, here’s what I’ve had published…

  • “The Heirloom” (Grantville Gazette, Volume 40)
  • “The Great Grantville Gander Pull” (Grantville Gazette, Volume 42)
  • “The River of His Memory” (Grantville Gazette, Volume 44)
  • “In The House of Wisdom” (Hellfire Lounge 3)
  • “Tinian Song” (Mermaids 13)
  • “Indeh” (Apocalypse 13)

Also, there is a great change that my story, “Mekong Ghosts” will be out by the end of the year as well. Time is ticking, however, and so this one may slip into next year.

But overall, I’d say that it’s been a pretty good year for me story-wise. I don’t know what 2013 will hold, but I do know that I am working on some big projects with a few fellow authors. Once those plans solidify more clearly, I will let everyone know what they are.

Happy Holidays to everyone. We’ll see you next year.

Nov 13 2012

New Stories Available

Hello all. Two new stories of mine have recently been published, both from Padwolf Publishing.

“Indeh” appears in Apolcalypse 13.

“Tinian Song” appears in Mermaids 13.

Padwolf’s “13″ series is a new anthology series with plans for more in the future.

You can buy both anthologies at Padwolf’s website.

Aug 7 2012

Bibliography Page Updated

I’ve just updated my bibliography page. Thanks to Tom Warthen, my web designer, for all his hard work.

May 21 2012

My Balticon Schedule

Hello all:

Balticon is coming up this weekend, May 25-28. I’ll be there, and here’s my schedule:

Guns in Fantasy: — Does it always have to be swords?
Friday at 9:00 pm in Belmont
What is the role of the firearm in magical worlds?
Moderator: Myke Cole
Speakers: Robert E Waters; Dr. Charles Gannon; Chris Evans; Bernard Dukas

Readings — Danny Birt, April Grant, Robert E. Waters
Saturday at 9:00 am in Chase
Danny Birt, April Grant, Robert E. Waters Readings
Speakers: Danny Birt; Robert E. Waters; April Grant

The Walking Dead
Saturday at 6:00 pm in Parlor 3041
Panelists discuss the show whose Season 1 success took AMC completely by surprise. Was Season 2 as good as the first season? What direction would we like to see the third season take?
Moderator: David Silverman
Speakers: Robert E Waters; Ethan Wilson; Chris Evans

Dragon Moon Press Presents Spells and Swashbucklers!
Saturday at 10:00 pm in Salon A
Ahoy, mateys! Join Dragon Moon Press as we launch the second anthology of pirates, magic and ne’er-do-wells, Spells and Swashbucklers! There will be readings from several of the authors, as well as cake and the chance to win your very own copy of both Spells and Swashbucklers and Rum and Runestones, the first book in the series. Come, bring your best pirate outfit, and your sense of danger! (Also listed as Item P-12 in the Small Press Publishing Program.)
Moderator: Val Griswold-Ford
Speakers: Bernie Mojzes; Gail Z. Martin; Danielle Ackley-McPhail; Danny Birt; Robert E. Waters

“Old School” Science Fiction
Sunday at 1:00 pm in Parlor 1041
Science Fiction (a la Verne and Wells) — is the writing style still marketable? Is the fan base still out there?
Moderator: Bernard Dukas
Speakers: Darrell C. Schweitzer; Nathan Lowell; Robert E. Waters

If You Like To Read Books by ____, You’ll also like books by ___.
Monday at 10:00 am in Belmont
Audience members provide names of books or authors they like; panelists will suggest books or authors they might also like.
Moderator: D. Douglas Fratz
Speakers: Darrell C. Schweitzer; Elektra Hammond; Robert E. Waters; Simone Caroti

Apr 10 2012

My RavenCon Schedule

I’ll be attending the RavenCon SF/Fantasy Convention this coming weekend in Richmond, VA. This year’s guest of honor will be Glen Cook, a very fine writer and human being. Here’s my personal schedule…


Friday 5:00 pm
Room F
Creating A Timeline

Friday 7:00 pm
Room E+F
Opening Ceremonies

Friday 11:00 pm
New River
There Is a Line: Handling Potentially Offensive Topics


Saturday 9:00 am
Room E
Authors vs. Artists Pictionary

Saturday 7:00 pm
Rooting for the Bad Guy

Saturday 10:00 pm
New River
Disturbing Ramifications of Harry Potter


Sunday 10:00 am
Board Room

Sunday 11:00 am
Are Panels About Vampires Played Out?


Hope to see you all there!

Feb 28 2012

Grantville Gazette Volume 40 Now Available

Volume 40 of the Grantville Gazette is now avaialble through Baen Book’s escriptions website. This one has my story “The Heirloom.” Buy early and buy often.

Grantville Gazette Volume 40