Feb 22 2016

New Novel in the Works

Hello all:


I’ve been holding off making this announcement because I wanted to be sure that it was official before saying anything. This past weekend, it became official.

I have signed a contract with SF/Fantasy publisher Baen Books to write a novel set in Eric Flint’s New York Times best-selling alternate history series, 1632/RING OF FIRE. I will be writing this novel in collaboration with Charles E Gannon. The working title of it is 1636: CALABAR’S WAR, and it deals with the political, social, and economic changes taking place in the New World, primarily in Brazil and in the Caribbean. That’s all I can say about it right now. We’ve already written some of it, but there is a lot of work ahead. It’s moving forward at pace, however, and as it progresses, I will post updates and perhaps an excerpt or two.

I’m honored to be writing this novel in partnership with Chuck. We’ve known each other for many years, and he was the person who introduced me to the 1632 series. Up to this time, I have written several stories for The Grantville Gazette, the on-line magazine dedicated to stories set in the Ring of Fire universe. Chuck has already written several stories himself and two novels in the series (1635: The Papal Stakes, and 1636: Commander Cantrell in the West Indies) with more pending. Chuck is also the author of the Caine Riordan series (often called Tales of the Terran Republic), whose third book, RAISING CAINE, was recently nominated for a Nebula Award (third times the charm, Chuck!). Writing this book with him will be a tremendous experience, and I can’t wait to have the final product in my hands. Whoohoo!! 

So, that’s all for now. I’ll keep you posted on progress, and thanks for listening. Now on with the day…

Dec 7 2015

I’ve Been Interviewed!

Hello all!

I was recently interviewed by Steven Southard on his blog, Poseidon’s Scribe. Check it out… Interview

Sep 17 2014

First Novel Available

Good news! My first novel, The Wayward Eight: A Contract to Die For, is now available as an ebook on the Publisher’s website, and on Kindle on Amazon.

Winged Hussard Publishing
Amazon Kindle

But early, buy often. And if you do read it and like it, please throw a review up on Amazon. Every little bit helps.

Thanks and I hope you enjoy!

Also check out my short Q&A with the guys at Winged Hussar Publishing…

Q&A About The Wayward Eight

May 21 2014

My Balticon Schedule

The 48th Annual Balticon Science Fiction Convention is being held this coming weekend. I shall be attending all 4 days. Come by if you’re in the area. Here’s my panel schedule:

Fri 7:00 PM (Pimlico)
1632 Universe Readings: Readings from 1632 universe books and stories. Featuring panel guest
Meriah Crawford. Joy Ward (M), Iver Cooper, Robert E. Waters, Charles E. Gannon

Sat 8:00 AM (Salon B)
Military Fantasy: Panelists discuss who they think writes the best military fiction in fantasy literature.
Jon Sprunk (M), David Brawley, Tom Doyle, Myke Cole, Robert E. Waters

Sat 4:00 PM (Belmont)
The 1632 Universe: Authors writing in this universe share their stories and experiences with
readers and give us the inside skinny on what’s coming up! Featuring Panel
Guest Meriah Crawford. Walt Boyes (M), Iver Cooper, Robert E. Waters, Charles E. Gannon

Mon 2:00 PM (Chase)
The Secret Life of Project Editors: More and more, publishers are turning production responsibilities over to the editor. What is involved with heading a project? What considerations need to be added to your mental or physical checklist? It isn’t as simple as cleaning up copy or selecting stories anymore. What other tasks might project editors encounter in today’s industry? Danielle Ackley-Mcphail, Neal Levin, Jeff Young, Robert E. Waters

Apr 22 2014

My Ravencon Schedule

Hello all:

If you are anywhere near the Richmond Virginia area this coming weekend (April 25-27), come by the Ravencon Science Fiction Convention. I’ll be attending and her’es my panel schedule:

My Ravencon Schedule…

(4PM) Boardgame Renaissance: We’ve seen a huge spike in board gaming lately. Panelists discuss their favorites.
(8PM) Reading: Come join science fiction/fantasy author Robert E Waters as he reads from his latest “13 Series” story, “What Happens in Vegas,” and from his upcoming novel “The Wayward 8”, which is set in the Wild West Exodus miniatures game universe.
(9PM) What’s So Funny About An Exploding Banana Truck? Humor in Gaming: An exploration of comedy and humor in games. Panelists discuss how to integrate humor without disrupting the game. Or recognizing when a disruption would a good thing.

(2PM) The 1632 Universe: Eric Flint’s 1632 Universe is perhaps the most “open” shared universe in literature. Existing 1632 universe writers talk about where the series has gone so far and how to contribute to its future development.

(11AM) Someone Else’s Sandbox: Writing Media Tie-Ins and Shared World Novels: Our panelists will discuss the finer points of creating your own story within the framework of a world
created by someone else.
(1PM) Life Hacks for Writers: Panelists discuss their favorite methods and shortcuts to increase productivity.

Feb 7 2014

I’m Writing a Novel!

Hello all!

I have some good news on the writing front. I have signed a contract with Outlaw Miniatures and Winged Hussar Publishing, LLC to write a novel set in Outlaw’s Wild West Exodus universe. WWX is a new miniatures game set in a post-Civil War America where a mix of fictitious and historical characters struggle for control of the United States. Winged Hussar (under their Zmok imprint) has already begun publishing a WWX series titled The Jesse James Archives, and many more novels are scheduled. My novel will feature a mercenary group called The Wayward 8, led by ex-Confederate officer Captain Marcus Wayward. They are on a secret, and very deadly mission for Abe Lincoln, which will pit them against European mad scientists, Native Americans, outlaws, lawmen, and a shadowy organization known as the Dark Council. The schedule right now has the novel releasing this coming Summer. Things sometimes change however in this business so I’ll report back periodically on progress and any changes in that timeline. For right now, the project is moving ahead, and I’m looking forward to working with Romeo Filip and the Outlaw group, and Vincent Rospond and the fellows at Winged Hussar. It’s going to be a busy next few months for me, but it’s going to be fun. Onward and upward!

Aug 13 2013

“The Heirloom” Available for Download!

My 1632 Grantville Gazette story, “The Heirloom,” which first appeared in GG Vol 40, is now available for individual download for Amazon Kindle…

The Heirloom

The description of the story is spot on: “In this story Robert Waters braids two tales of family and war, in the 17th century and the Thirty Years war, and in the 20th century and World War Two. Throughout both tales run the ties of family that bind us.”

Jul 30 2013

“The Cup” Has Arrived!

Big news today!!

For the past several weeks I have been working closely with the fine writers, editors, and developers at Cloud Imperium Games (CIG), who have themselves been working on a science fiction MMO set in Chris Roberts’ Wing Commander universe. This MMO, called STAR CITIZEN, is scheduled for release within the next 2-3 years, but as part of its development, they have been commissioning authors to write stories set in the Star Citizen universe. With the terrific help of author and friend, and professional rainmaker Chuck Gannon, who got me in touch with CIG, I have written for them a story titled “The Cup” which deals with an interstellar race called the Murray Cup Race (the MCR). The story features the on and off-curcuit activities of 4 prominent racers, as they jockey for power, fame and glory during the race. Episode one of the story has just been released in CIG’s magazine, Jump Point. Episodes 2 and 3 will follow in August and September.

Unfortunately, Jump Point is not available to the general public. It’s a publication that they offer their financial patrons through subscription, so unless you have a subscription, you cannot read the story. The good news is, I’m following in the footsteps of other great authors, such as lead writer for CIG David Haddock, and Douglas Niles, of Dragonlance and Forgotten Realms fame. So, it’s quite an honor to be working in this group of people. :)

Now, there is a website that I will refer you to. The Star Citizen Wiki page has this volume of Jump Point listed, and the TOC on the page shows my story. There are also pictures that you can look at inside this issue of JP. If you cycle through the pictures for issue 01-08, you will find one with a race craft blowing through a series of rings in an asteroid belt. That picture is the cover art for my story, and they did a great job on it. And at some point down the line, they intend on taking all the stories from the first year/volume of JP and creating a publication for purchase, and if so, I’ll announce that when it happens.

So I just wanted to make this announcement. Thanks to editor David Ladyman and all the other CIG guys who helped me out with this. It was a great experience and hopefully more stories for them will follow in the future.

Cloud Imperium Games Website

If you want to consider a subscription to Jump Point, go here… Jump Point subscription

Jul 17 2013

Fantastic Futures 13 Gets a Great Review!

My anthology, edited with James Stratton, has gotten a great review…

SFSite Review of FF13

Thanks to all the authors who participated in this project. You guys are great!

May 22 2013

My Balticon 2013 Schedule

Hello all. For those of you coming to the Balticon Science Fiction Convention in Baltimore, May 24-27 (this coming weekend), here’s my panel schedule:

Introduction to Miniature Games, Friday, 5:30 PM, Parlor 1041
Moderator: Robert E. Waters; Panelists: Victor Hutcherson, Joe Dorfner

The 1632 Universe, Saturday, 2:00 PM, Salon B
Moderator: Walt Boyes; t (50 minutes)
Panelists: Charles E. Gannon, Robert E. Waters, Iver Cooper
Authors who write in the 1632 Alternate History Universe share insights, answer questions, talk about upcoming works, etc.

World-building in RPGs, Saturday, 3:00 PM, Parlor 1041
Moderator: Neal Levin; Panelists: Robert E. Waters, Michael Ventrella, Mike McPhail, L. Jagi Lamplighter

The Dark Quest Books Mega-Launch Sunday, 7:00 PM, Frankie & Vinnies
Publisher: Neal Levin: (2 hours)
Dark Quest Books launches their Spring 2013 titles with guest editors and authors:
Danielle Ackley-McPhail (“The Eternal Cycle”), Danny Birt, Jack Campbell (“The Lost Fleet series”), Myke Cole, Judi Fleming, Charles E. Gannon, Elektra Hammond, Eric V. Hardenbrook, C.J. Henderson (“Teddy London”), Mike McPhail), Bernie Mojzes, Christine Norris, KT Pinto, James Daniel Ross (“Radiation Angels”), Alex Shvartsman, Maria V. Snyder, Jim Stratton, Patrick Thomas (“Murphy’s Lore”), Robert E. Waters, and John C. Wright (“Chronicles of Chaos”), Jeff Young. Etc.