My Balticon Schedule

The 48th Annual Balticon Science Fiction Convention is being held this coming weekend. I shall be attending all 4 days. Come by if you’re in the area. Here’s my panel schedule:

Fri 7:00 PM (Pimlico)
1632 Universe Readings: Readings from 1632 universe books and stories. Featuring panel guest
Meriah Crawford. Joy Ward (M), Iver Cooper, Robert E. Waters, Charles E. Gannon

Sat 8:00 AM (Salon B)
Military Fantasy: Panelists discuss who they think writes the best military fiction in fantasy literature.
Jon Sprunk (M), David Brawley, Tom Doyle, Myke Cole, Robert E. Waters

Sat 4:00 PM (Belmont)
The 1632 Universe: Authors writing in this universe share their stories and experiences with
readers and give us the inside skinny on what’s coming up! Featuring Panel
Guest Meriah Crawford. Walt Boyes (M), Iver Cooper, Robert E. Waters, Charles E. Gannon

Mon 2:00 PM (Chase)
The Secret Life of Project Editors: More and more, publishers are turning production responsibilities over to the editor. What is involved with heading a project? What considerations need to be added to your mental or physical checklist? It isn’t as simple as cleaning up copy or selecting stories anymore. What other tasks might project editors encounter in today’s industry? Danielle Ackley-Mcphail, Neal Levin, Jeff Young, Robert E. Waters

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