My Ravencon Schedule

Hello all:

If you are anywhere near the Richmond Virginia area this coming weekend (April 25-27), come by the Ravencon Science Fiction Convention. I’ll be attending and her’es my panel schedule:

My Ravencon Schedule…

(4PM) Boardgame Renaissance: We’ve seen a huge spike in board gaming lately. Panelists discuss their favorites.
(8PM) Reading: Come join science fiction/fantasy author Robert E Waters as he reads from his latest “13 Series” story, “What Happens in Vegas,” and from his upcoming novel “The Wayward 8”, which is set in the Wild West Exodus miniatures game universe.
(9PM) What’s So Funny About An Exploding Banana Truck? Humor in Gaming: An exploration of comedy and humor in games. Panelists discuss how to integrate humor without disrupting the game. Or recognizing when a disruption would a good thing.

(2PM) The 1632 Universe: Eric Flint’s 1632 Universe is perhaps the most “open” shared universe in literature. Existing 1632 universe writers talk about where the series has gone so far and how to contribute to its future development.

(11AM) Someone Else’s Sandbox: Writing Media Tie-Ins and Shared World Novels: Our panelists will discuss the finer points of creating your own story within the framework of a world
created by someone else.
(1PM) Life Hacks for Writers: Panelists discuss their favorite methods and shortcuts to increase productivity.

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