I’m Writing a Novel!

Hello all!

I have some good news on the writing front. I have signed a contract with Outlaw Miniatures and Winged Hussar Publishing, LLC to write a novel set in Outlaw’s Wild West Exodus universe. WWX is a new miniatures game set in a post-Civil War America where a mix of fictitious and historical characters struggle for control of the United States. Winged Hussar (under their Zmok imprint) has already begun publishing a WWX series titled The Jesse James Archives, and many more novels are scheduled. My novel will feature a mercenary group called The Wayward 8, led by ex-Confederate officer Captain Marcus Wayward. They are on a secret, and very deadly mission for Abe Lincoln, which will pit them against European mad scientists, Native Americans, outlaws, lawmen, and a shadowy organization known as the Dark Council. The schedule right now has the novel releasing this coming Summer. Things sometimes change however in this business so I’ll report back periodically on progress and any changes in that timeline. For right now, the project is moving ahead, and I’m looking forward to working with Romeo Filip and the Outlaw group, and Vincent Rospond and the fellows at Winged Hussar. It’s going to be a busy next few months for me, but it’s going to be fun. Onward and upward!

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